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Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis

Maro AVRABOU and Dimitri XENAKIS (Click on names to get CV)

A team:

Maro Avrabou, visual artist and light designer works in both the field of visual arts and those of theater, dance and opera.
Dimitri Xenakis, visual artist, is working in and with the landscape, constantly renewing his artistic language to interact with
the environment.
The two collaborate on works co-signed that question living spaces, points of view, forms and light.
Thus, their scope of action goes far beyond what is to appoint an "object" and expresses the desire to explore new territories.
They work on all kind of projects dealing with urban and natural landscape.

Detect an identity:
Their installations, often monumental in size, are a dialogue with the sites, their morphology, their history, their identity.
They incite the user and the walker to (re) discovering familiar places, or the realities that we end up not seeing. They highlight

The social and environmental aspect and the human dimension are important elements of this approach: the consideration of the
specificity of the existing site and the look that one can wear on it.
The works mark and rhythm the space, or treat a particular point of it.
They solicit the viewer's gaze on his daily environment, streets, squares, parks and gardens, rural landscape.
They define and reveal areas in relation to the body and vision.

Space, color and light: Create the link:

These designs deal with the landscape and world of plants. They extend to the built, the urban furniture and the light.
Any kind of site is conceivable from this perspective, with no restriction on type of materials, as any location contains an identity, a history.
The environmental concern is often present in their works: questions about nature, industrialization, preservation or food are explored in installations like “Espace Vert”, “Effet de Serre”, “Le Conservatoire des GoĆ»ts et des Couleurs”, “Arpenter le potager”, “Echanges”.

Based on this, Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis work to create the link between the existing and the artistic intervention.

Dimitri Xenakis and Maro Avrabou
Avrabou and Xenakis